• Why choose the PU Yoga mat?

    Why choose the PU Yoga mat?

    Absorbent & Non-slip Surface  The non slip surface provides terrific grip and unsurpassed traction whether dry or wet. With an absorbent top, this yoga mat is perfect for any type of yoga, including hot yoga, Pilates or Bikram. Dual-layer D...
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  • The Art of Choosing a Yoga Mat – Newly Designed Yoga Mats for 2022

    The Art of Choosing a Yoga Mat – Newly Designed Yoga Mats for 2022

    Below, models, yogis, and athletes on the best yoga mat additions to your routine—in any form: The Expert Favorite PU + rubber yoga mat This mat is a bit pricey, but it has one of the best grips—even in the most challenging positions, your feet or hands will not move if...
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  • Yoga and Consciousness: Meditation into Your Highest Self

    Yoga is not just asanas – the practice of body postures.It is a way of accessing our infinite possibilities and powers. You can now hear a voice reading this sentence in your head.Psychedelic, right?Maybe go back and read it again.That voice you hear is your mind.Your brain’s job is t...
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  • 3 Coolest Yoga Mats that Make You Want To Practice Every Day

    3 Coolest Yoga Mats that Make You Want To Practice Every Day

    While it might not always be a necessity to yoga mat to the studio, it certainly never hurts (and very often, saves you a few bucks). Plus, there’s no question that adding a little excitement to your exercise routine – via cute new workout clothes or your own special yog...
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  • How to create classic Hollywood curls with hot rollers

    Hot rollers are having a serious impact on the hair scene.Formerly considered retro or old school, this styling tool is making a comeback (according to ELLE).Heat rollers outperform curling irons in terms of convenience, and their gentle heat is unlikely to damage your hair (according to PureWow)...
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  • 9 Ways to Use a Yoga Block

    9 Ways to Use a Yoga Block

    Supported Bridge Variation Place your block next to you and lie down flat on your back with your knees bent, feet hip distance apart. Take a few deep breaths, then press your feet and upper arms down into the mat and inhale as you lift your hips, then spine, up into a g...
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  • Yoga Exercise Ball in different colors

    Here, health coach and virtual fitness studio owner Aimee Nicotera, MS, ACSM-certified exercise physiologist and AFAA-certified personal trainer help you get the most out of Bosu. The ability to maintain balance on one leg is not only important for athletes and acrobats.It can help prevent falls,...
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  • Eco Friendly TPE Balance Pad in Cheap price

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  • Why You Need a Massage Foam Roller

    Why You Need a Massage Foam Roller

    4 Kinds of Yoag Foam Roller Soild foam roller 2 in 1 foam roller Half Round Foam Roller Collapsible Foam Roller   Roll your way to a stronger, healthier you. Our Fitness Foam Yoga Roller loosens tight muscles to help improve mobility. It allows for simultaneous do...
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  • High resilsence High quality Yoga mat is tpe yoga mat

    Cheap gifts need not be tacky or boring. Surprise her with one or more of the cheapest gifts given to women this year and arouse her interest. Whether she likes fashion, music, fitness or whatever, please jump to our carefully curated gift guide to start buying gifts that she will definitely like...
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  • 5 Yoga Moves to Relieve Your Back Pain

    5 Yoga Moves to Relieve Your Back Pain

    Studies have shown that people who practice yoga regularly experience less pain and improved flexibility and movement. Try this short sequence of yoga postures the next time your lower back is calling for your attention or, better yet, as a preventative measure to keep y...
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  • High Quality eco friendly non slip waterproof durable tpe yoga mat

    Giovanni F. Akola, Franco Cardini, Domenico Del Niro, Giordano Bruno Gehry, Gennaro Margiri, Gennaro San Giuliano, Mirella Seri, Marcelo Veneziani. Da Fidel Castro a Charlie Sheen a Julio Iglesias, certuni hanno trascorso ore e ore a soddisfare, letteralmente, migliaia di donne giovani o meno gio...
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